Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An open letter to Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union

You and I are done.

You've served me well over the last 15 years. I used you the whole time I lived in Baltimore. You helped me find a good deal on a car. I was able to direct deposit into my account, even when I moved to PA. But now we're done.

It all started with accessing my online account. I thought I knew my password, but I was wrong. Unlike any other financial institution I deal with, you won't give me a new one after I answer security questions, or call to verify personal information. No, I need to have you mail it to me. But see, that's a problem. Because I just moved to this apartment. So I'm in a Catch .22--I can't access my account without a change of address, and I can't change my address without accessing my account. Or so your rep tells me on the phone.

So I have a change of address mailed to me (God forbid you can e-mail it). Send it in. Wait 8 weeks. Nothing.

When I called last week, oops, that tiny font at the bottom said I needed to send a copy of my driver's license. But it has to be mailed. Or faxed. Oh wait, no it doesn't. I can scan and e-mail. Fabulous. I do so, and I wait.

I call a few days later. Nope, no one has seen the e-mail. But the helpful woman (first time that happened) said I can send it directly to her, and she'll call when it gets there. I do so, and hear nothing.

I call the next day. The no-so-helpful woman says I can't e-mail it. I tell her that 2 people have said I could. She said her supervisor says no. I get the supervisor on the phone. She promises to talk to the Assistant Branch Manager and she'll call me back. Calls back and decides yes, I can e-mail it. So I sent it to a THIRD person!!!

At this point I give up, print out a new form (because now they can e-mail it to me, when before it had to be mailed) with yet another new address (since we're moving on Thursday) and a photocopy of my ID.

Today I get a call from someone at JHFCU. "We just need you to e-mail me a copy of your driver's license."

Are you freaking kidding me????????

I told whomever was on the phone that he can just rip up that change of address, I'm sending a new one, and they had better get their act together. Because J and I have decided they do their banking the abacus way with how this has been handled.

Oh, apparently I can close my account without going to a branch. Or so they tell me today. God knows what their answer will be next week.

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Lynn at JHFCU said...

I am SVP of Marketing and Member Services and it dismays me to read about your experience. There are several things going on here, all working against you. And the best I can say is situations like yours will probably not happen again once we convert home banking providers in early 2012. We are still in "abacus mode"--I agree, and I can relate as I recently moved and haven't changed my address because I sit in front of a computer most of the day, and if I could change it online, I would, as that's easier than walking up the hall and turning in a form. We also will have the ability to give you a new password via a secure format.

I am sorry that you both got mixed messages, and that your attempts to mail things in ended up in a black hole. I think in some cases, the sitution is just jinxed and nothing seems to go right, despite our intentions.

I will say that the reason we are so particular is our first priority is to protect your account and identity--we have encountered cases of attempted fraud where someone else tried to change a member's address. So we do our best to verify it is indeed the account owner. Once it's online, it will be behind the logged in page which will verify you.

If you still need to change your address, email me with the scanned documents at lgregory@jhfcu.org.

Again, I am very sorry for your frustrating experience with JHFCU. We do strive to do things right, but sometimes our concern for protecting you outweighs the service level.