Monday, September 19, 2011

Random toddler pictures, and house teaser pictures

In her new panda pajamas. Love the feet!

S, desperate to go outside, in Daddy's Under Armor skullcap. She HAD to wear it the whole time she was outside.

Loving her Snoopy sweatshirt and red sneakers

Snacking in the new kitchen. We make do with camp chairs and a camp table. That brown stuff is the wallpaper border that must.go...

Before shot of the dining room. We still can't agree on a new paint color

I have no idea who thought lemon yellow was a good color for a hallway. It's all the way up the stairs, and upstairs.

S's bedroom, before

S's bedroom, after

S's playroom, before (after pictures to come)

Parent of the Year award goes to us...

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Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

can't wait to see all the after pics. And, unless there is soda in her sippy - I say you are fine :)