Friday, July 29, 2011

So, we've been busy

No pictures for now. There just hasn't been time.

Last Friday night J headed down to the house in PA to pick up all the things he didn't want the movers to takem and to disassemble some of the larger items so the movers wouldn't have to. It took him longer than expected, and he didn't head back north until Sunday. At which point S and I had almost finished *our* trek back to the house in PA. We did manage a quick meeting in beautiful Milford, PA before we went our separate ways. Again :(

S and I spent the week supervising the movers who took over our house and worked their magic. 4 guys made (relatively) quick work of the place. They started around 9:30 Monday morning and had the last things in their truck at 2:30 this afternoon. This included a ginormous weight set, a treadmill, a pool table (anyone in south Boston want a pool table?), and more hand weights than I could carry.

Did I mention in the middle of all this that I had not one, but 2 freelance assignments to work on?

Thank goodness for a flexible kid. She napped through people disassembling furniture in the next room. Twice. She managed to eat lunch while strange men wandered in and out of her kitchen. She picked up the mop and dustpan more than once in an effort to help clean. At the moment she's sleeping peacefully in a hotel room while I bang out this entry. I think it helped that her Grania came to visit and spent some quality time with her.

Tomorrow morning we're heading back over one last time to see if I can fit whatever's left into the car--wish me luck. There is that priority mail box that I may throw some crap wonderfully valuable items into and send off to the apartment. Time will tell. Think good thoughts that I can fit all of our stuff, including a Dyson, into the car and get us back up to MA in time to see Daddy before bed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Come on in

...and get your S fix

A girl with wings!

Digging on the baby shoes. Do the blue ones come in my size? Because I'd wear them all summer...

Newest pose. No, she's not put out. There's a pretzel in her mouth!

Playing water. I'm pretty sure my mom has an almost identical picture of me in this pose.

"What am I going to do with all these clothes???"

"Can't see me!"

"Here I am!"

Showing off her Mommy's Orioles hat

My new favorite picture

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Such a ham

On our way to Salem. Doesn't she look excited?

Not pictured, her coordinating sandals

Baby mohawk

She finally has enough hair in front

Taking after her Daddy

J was getting ready for a fighter practice, so S had a round with his sticks.

Only 4 more years and she can have her own set!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New favorite pictures

S was having a calm(er) moment yesterday, staring out the back door and seeing...nothing. It was too hot for the kids to be outside, so I guess she was just enjoying the sunshine. I grabbed my camera and started snapping.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Scenes from a summer (so far)

Trying on Mommy's flip flops

"Those look nice"

First "popsicle" (diluted apple juice)

Fruit salad (yum!)

Booby cookies!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First cookies and milk

I made some cute little bite-sized chocolate chip cookies today, and decided it was time for S to give them a try. With milk, of course.

At first she was way more interested in her empty cup of applesauce

Then she discovered it held her cookie perfectly

Time to give this a try

Milk chaser--yum!

Now everything is covered in bits of chocolate!

Friday, July 8, 2011

House passed inspection!

The one we're buying, that is :)

Despite the setback of June where we had a very old house fail inspection, we jumped back into the water and inspected Choice #2. And it passed with only minor issues. The seller is already taking care of the one issue we wanted addressed, and we'll deal with everything else when we move in.

We're looking at a mid/late September settlement date. I'm already picking out paint colors.

Our house in PA was inspected yesterday, but we haven't heard anything yet. No news is good news, right?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy July!

Because I was lame and couldn't find the battery charger for the camera even close to July 4, here are some Independence Day pix, and then some:

Decked out for the 4th in her star onesie and rockin' red skirt

Let's go for a walk!

A blurry picture of my daughter modeling her new sweater

The blurry hand of my daughter trying to swipe her sweater as I attempt a close-up

Chillin' in her Super Seat

She has a perfectly full sippy cup of milk, but is insisting on...something on the counter

Our little one has had 2 straight days at the pool, and loved just about every minute. She has even attempted to jump off the top step straight into 3 feet of water, so Mommy is watching her like a hawk. Once we get settled we'll likely do some swimming lessons. I can't wait!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finally, some pictures

Eating a saltine in her "Girls Rock" tshirt and wool skirtie

Starting off the day in her PJs with her new toy--a fabric basket. She spent the day carrying this around.

A rare picture with Mommy. This was on the way to play with Daddy before I started dinner.

Her latest trick is to climb, everywhere. She scurries under the table, finds a chair with a gap, and shimmies up onto the seat. Then she tries to find something, anything on the table to play with. Today it was the napkin holder.

S's new shoes! I couldn't resist

Modeling them with her summer outfit

All ready for her trike ride with Daddy. It didn't work as well as expected. She didn't know that she was supposed to keep her feet up!

We're starting to settle in here. Inspection on the house in MA is next week, so hopefully we'll be ready to proceed to next steps shortly. We're taking S to a children's 4th of July parade tomorrow. Should be fun!