Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's add some more pictures, shall we?

S is all about accessorizing these days. It started with the insistence on carrying a bag, any bag, every time she went outside. It has exploded from there:

With bag from Whole Foods. This entertained her for an entire afternoon.

Of course we have to add jewelry to the ensemble. This time it's her baby Rosary.

And it wouldn't be complete without a hair clip. I'm pretty sure she begged me to take it out of my hair to put it in hers.

Carrying not one, but 2, "purses" outside. The one on the left is from Grania. The one on the right is a bin that holds her blocks.

So very proud of herself

Ready for the links

She saw a dog on TV and had to get Gus

Mommy added Bernie to the mix

24 pounds! I just love this shot.

Her new sweater! I might have actually made the neck opening big enough this time. Action shot to come...

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