Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let me 'splain

Why are S and J looking up when the squirrel is right there? And where the heck are they anyway???

Today I told J I wanted to go into Boston and visit Boston Common. You know, just walk around on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and see what there was to see. I knew it would be a quick trip since we were going after S's nap, and she's a great sleeper.

After said nap, a late lunch, and a change of clothes, we loaded up and headed north. Found a decent parking lot and headed into the Common. Oh, the things to see. There were dogs galore for S to squeal at, and a giant (and crowded) playground. We found the Frog Pond, and--a merry go round! I played photographer while J took S on her first ride:

She loved it. She spent most of the ride deep in concentration, likely taking it all in. But it didn't scare her in the least (no surprise there) and she seemed to want to go again.

Instead, she saw squirrels. Lots, and lots, of squirrels.

This is her "OMG there's a squirrel, and if I run and scream I can get it!" look.

She would run over to them as they scurried up a tree. Then she'd "chase" them around said tree while they climbed higher and higher. Daddy had to help her

Needless to say, it didn't always work out. As the picture at the top of this post attests. But man, they had a great time.

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