Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The movers brought all our stuff that's been in storage since July. They were due to arrive around 9, so I knew I had to get S up early, which meant me getting up even earlier. We spent the entire day until 5:30pm "supervising" the 3 guys who kept asking "where does this go?" and hearing me say, once again, "um, the basement".

The kitchen looks like a moving van exploded. And of course, no new house is just like the old one, so we have a lot of orphan boxes for the time being. But at least a few rooms are coming together.

S is holding up like a champ. She *hates* to nap at the new house, because she doesn't want to miss out on anything. And she only naps for half her normal time. But she has a wonderful time while she's up. She'll head out and check on the moving truck, or accompany me to the mailbox, or wander the rooms checking out what's new since she was there last. And finally, after a few days, she doesn't cry hysterically when we put her in her bedroom. I think more and more familiar things are showing up there, so she knows it belongs to her.

More pictures once I have some time to take any.

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