Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rounding out a lovely weekend

It was a gorgeous Sunday here, and we wanted to spend some time together as a family. So we went to the tot lot in the swanky neighborhood near our apartment. Oh, the differences between that one and the one behind our apartment building.


I've had a love/hate relationship with our apartment complex since we moved in. On the plus side, there's a pool across the parking lot, and a playground behind our place. It's amazingly close to J's work, and conveniently located for S and I to get out and do our thing. On the minus side, it's just so...temporary. And the electrical is wacky. Where else could the dishwasher run off of a light switch? And the playground? Well, a lot of parents let their chidren run wild back there, and they like to run over S, or yank her arm while she's on a platform 6 feet off the ground. Good times.

Digression over

At the swanky tot lot, parents have to stay with their kids (it's near a fairly major road). And it's huge, with lot of different things to play on. Some of them are specifically designed for the really little ones. I let J spend some quality time with his daughter, and I sat on a bench and took pictures.

Making a beeline for something interesting

Checking out the tubes. She didn't like these, because they wobble when she crawls through them. This girl is all about stability.

With Daddy on the Jeep with 4(!) steering wheels

Checking out the alphabet and the pipes

S cried when we left :(

But we "rewarded" her with visits to 3 open houses. The first was a home built (and last decorated) in 1950. It's basically a tear-down. For half a million dollars. Then we saw a million-dollar house that was gorgeous and worth the money (if we had anything close to that ;) And a Victorian we've driven by dozens of times. For an old house it had a ton of storage and high ceilings. Along with a high price tag. But it was fun to look at!

Between today and our afternoon at Boston Common yesterday, it was a good weekend :)

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