Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So, I've been busy

Yeah, I know I haven't posted much. There's no time. I'm on trip #2 to Pittsburgh, which doesn't leave me much time to upload pictures. I spent the weekend with the husband and the MIL, but again haven't had time to download any pictures. Soon, I promise.

Fall is here and it is starting to look gorgeous. Another couple of weeks and all the leaves will be turning--I can't wait. We're hoping to go on a tour of a local architect's garden and grounds this weekend, so there will be lots of photos after that.

Oh, and we got Gracie's "cremains" yesterday (who thought of that word?). Now I don't feel so bad about shelling out for this, because they came in a gorgeous carved box and a card that made us cry. It was done really nicely, and I couldn't be more appreciative.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm a silver medal winner!

We had our company picnic today. After a rough start to the morning, I was really happy to get there and not think about work for a few hours.

Since the Olympics just ended, we had an Olympics theme for our picnic and the opportunity to win medals in a number of events. I was on a volleyball team that came in second, earning us a silver medal! I was so excited, and the friends and family are so proud!

Oh, and the food was good, the weather was just about perfect, and the karaoke machine got very little action (thank goodness).

Monday, September 15, 2008

In the 'Burgh

I'm going to be doing some traveling to Pittsburgh for work. I just finished a few days there last week, and get to spend my 3rd anniversary there :( as well as Election Day. Good times.

If you live there, check in and say hi! I'll wave from my hotel window!

Sad times at our house

We had to put our Gracie down yesterday, and man was it hard.

She had been under the weather for a bit, and the vet initially thought she had an upper respiratory infection. She took a turn for the worse this weekend, and the emergency vet found a tumor in her liver. Being the realistic people we are, we realized surgery on a 16 year old cat (with severe anemia, no less) was not going to end well.

I wanted to thank Dr. Franklin and the staff at the Pocono Veterinary Emergency Center. Dr. Franklin was very thorough, and very compassionate with us and with Gracie. And the staff couldn't have been more supportive.

For now we're keeping an eye on Hobbes and hoping he doesn't get too lonely all by himself. So far he seems to enjoy the attention.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Konichiwa! There were some great Japanese drummers at this temple.

Norway. Reminds me of the Viking bookstore at Pennsic

Knights in shining armor

I see some Photoshopping in my future...

Ahh, Italy

Viva Mexico!

My favorite picture from Morocco

And some other favorite Morocco pictures. K and I loved visiting.

Checking out the carvings in Canada

Entering China. We got to hear some Chinese music while we were there.

China, featuring terra cotta warriors. I loved the terra cotta horses--my favorite.

Cheerio! I won a certificate for getting 100% (or close enough) in the UK vocabulary quiz. I'm so proud!

Fireworks to end our night :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Disney revisited

I only got to spend a full day at Disney, so the photo remembrance will be more by categories of what I saw. Today--our hotel, the Port Orleans French Quarter.
We were staying near the corner of Rue D'Baga and the Grande D'Toure!
Pretty, no? Like New Orleans (including the humidity), just cleaner ;)
LOVED the fountain
One of the many neighborhood squares throughout the resort
This one's for you, Mom.
Mardi Gras beads from our bellman. And we didn't have to flash anyone to get them!
Each floor of the buildings had slightly different ironwork designs. Here are some examples:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Enjoying my day off

I'm home from Disney! I was actually sad to leave, and might actually convince J to head down there someday and check it out for a few days. The flights home were uneventful, as was the drive. The hubs was up when I got home, so we debriefed each other about our day and headed off to bed.

I'm recovering from my big weekend by hanging out and doing as little as possible. J did a great job with the house this weekend, so there are only a few things to clean up.

I haven't gotten ambitious enough to upload and post Disney pix, but you can go here to see some from my Disney roomie's point of view. And maybe I'll get off my butt and add some tonight...

Monday, September 1, 2008


I've had a blast here, and it was made even better by getting to see friends from far and wide. Will post more when I get home. Lots of tales to tell!