Thursday, September 8, 2011

18 month doctor appointment!

S had her 18 month checkup at her new pediatrician's office today.

She weighed in at 22 lb 12 oz. Up almost 3 pounds from her last appointment
She's now 31.5" tall, up 1/4 inch since her last appoinment

Disclaimer: The scale/measuring thingy looked like it was acquired at a yard sale in 1947, so I'm not sure how accurate those numbers were.

They took her head circumference, but I don't recall the number.

Everything else surrounding the appointment was a disaster. We arrived at 1:50pm for a 2pm appointment, and were seen at 2:45. Yep, that's right. We waited almost an hour while patient after patient arrived and was called in. This on top of S already missing out on her nap. When the doctor arrived, she was all over the place. She never had a thought continue uninterrupted for more than a few seconds. She stated several times that she typically went over growth charts, yet she simply flashed up the height chart and never addressed where S fell in it. She was obsessed with the fact that S wasn't talking, and is insisting on another appointment in 3 months. This despite the fact that S can say "uh-oh" and is on the verge of at least a couple other words. She also has to see her in 3 months because the office staff improperly recorded her vaccinations, so no one had any idea what she was supposed to get this time.

Oh, and as we were leaving, the doctor also said we'd discuss potty training in 3 months. Potty training. I said I was planning to wing it and see how she's doing if/when we send S to Montessori (in a YEAR). She said, "We'll discuss Montessori once we get the language stuff figured out." Ugh.

I tried to make a follow-up appointment, but the office doesn't schedule out more than 2 months in advance.


So I was left feeling tired, angry, and extremely disappointed. Now we have to start the doctor search. Again.

S passed out in the back seat on the way home (at 3:45), and slept for a while when we got back to the apartment. Let's hope this doesn't mess up her sleep schedule tonight.

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