Friday, February 28, 2014

Resolutions continue!

1. I tried The Best Pumpkin Bread recipe ever and made mini loaves. Best breakfast ever!

2. Not much time to work on the sweater as the grandparents are in town, but it's still in the queue until Sock Madness starts.

3. Exercise has fallen off a bit because the grandparents are in town and I'm doing a lot of driving. But I'll get back on the horse soon.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cute things my child is saying

We live near a hospital. Each time we drive by it on the way home, S says, "There's our HOSbibal!"

Her past tense of catch is cooch (oo like book or wool, not poop). It's so funny to hear her say, "I cooched it Mama"

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's new, resolution wise

1. Today is J's birthday (happy birthday J!), so we broke out the vanilla cupcake recipe. I found this recipe for buttercream frosting and I think it worked out really well. Last night we tried baked honey sesame chicken (minus the sesame seeds) and really liked it. I also discovered that cornstarch is apparently the secret ingredient in Chinese food.

2. S's sweater continues to progress. As of this writing I have all of the body pieces done and I've started the first sleeve. So far so good!

3. Most of my exercise has been of the outdoor variety. This week I've taken S to the sledding hill twice, I've shoveled snow at least twice, and I dragged S on her sled UP the sledding hill. Which also makes me hungry, which is probably the reason my pants don't fit. *sigh*

Pic of the babe, aka gold medalist snowboarder, Olympics 2034

Thursday, February 13, 2014

NY resolution update

1. I took a cupcake decorating class at Joann Fabrics over the weekend. We never have any cake mix in the house, so I cast about to find a scratch recipe that didn't require anything fancy. Enter Amy Sedaris's vanilla cupcakes. Super yum, funny instructions, and I totally want to make them again.

2. S's sweater is coming along great! So far I have the back and the left front done, and made a LOT of progress on the right front yesterday. I haven't had time to work on it today (freelancing calls), but tonight I might be able to squeeze some in.

3. My sore throat turned into a full-on cold this weekend, so exercise wasn't high on the list. But I'm feeling better now and have hit the treadmill again. I also found a 25-minute yoga sequence for hips that I want to try.

And a picture of the babe with her favorite man

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NY resolution update

1. Revisited the beef and broccoli recipe. Loved it even more. Tonight we tried slow cooker teriyaki chicken. J didn't like the smell (lots of honey and soy sauce), but it was super yum. We even got fancy and put some in lettuce cups. Yum!

2. I finished Pisqu! Both are ginormous, so I'm either finding a big-footed friend or ripping them back to make them fit. In the meantime, I'm joining an Olympics themed knitting competition, and plan on finishing S's fair isle cardigan

3. I missed 2 days of exercise, but I'm blaming it on the sore throat and congestion I'm feeling lately. I did make it out to the park this week, and I shoveled snow at least twice. Plus S had me drag her on her sled through the backyard. Lots of work I tell ya!

And a picture of the babe to round out the post

Monday, February 3, 2014

Too much sadness these days

Please say another prayer for another little girl whose mom I "met" online. They are going through a horrific trial that no parent or child should have to go through.

And I want to share this brave mom's plea for funding for pediatric cancer. Please share if you are so inclined