Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dating myself

When I was 12, I saw this commercial, or one of the gazillion others she did

And I HAD to have Calvin Klein jeans. For months, I told my parents that all I wanted for Christmas was a pair of Calvin Klein jeans. The closest they could come in our podunk town were purple corduroy Calvin Klein pants available at the Navy Exchange (remember people, this was 1980).

Christmas came, and next to the fireplace was a pair of Calvin Klein purple cords. For me. I was so happy. I wore them all.the.time.

Flash forward to today. I'm at the outlet mall, ostensibly looking for a new suit to go with my new job, but I see a Calvin Klein store. Chock full of jeans. And I have to try on a skinny pair. And they fit. And they were only $40.

I was tempted to tell my story to the lady who helped me, since she's old enough to remember the Brooke Shields commercials. But she was busy, and I couldn't take the time bring the 20-something guy behind the register up to speed. Instead I called my mom and asked if she remembered the purple corduroy CK pants. She didn't, but she enjoyed the story anyway.

Now I'm waiting for Friday so I can wear my CK jeans. 'Cuz nothing comes between me and my Calvins ;)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Something for little feet

My latest creations :)

The buttons are little white cats with pink faces. I love these!

Start spreading the news...

Guess where we went last Sunday!

That's right, the Bronx!

Ha ha. We went to see the Yankees play one of their final games at Yankees Stadium. It was a sweet deal--bus ride to the ballpark, 2 ginormous sandwiches, 2 drinks, ticket to the game. Who could ask for anything more?

Views from our seats:

A little steep, no? You felt like you'd get pitched out of your seat if you leaned forward a bit. But strangely enough, you get used to it.

See what's behind my husband? Yep, one more row of seats, then we're at the top of the stadium.

Oh yeah, and an obstructed view. But I'm not complaining ;)

Let's see, what else did we see?

Memorial Park. The guy behind us spent the game trying to figure out who was who. Can anyone get them all? (Chris, I'll bet you can.)

Brooklyn Bridge? The husband asked me and I didn't know. Can anyone ID it for me?

The new stadium, just next door.

The first pitch of the game. I love getting a picture of everyone set up to start the game. Mike Mussina was pitching ("Moooooooose!" or "Booooo!" if you're an Orioles fan ;)

It was a fun game. Our seats were under cover, so we enjoyed the breezes that came through on an 85-degree day in NYC. The people around us were really nice, and everyone got into the game (of course). Mike Mussina pitched a good game There were home runs on a regular basis, including a grand slam. And at least one person hit a triple, a feat that always amazes me.

We left when the score got to:

As we headed back, I got a shot of The City out of the bus window. Funny story--on the way in, a kid behind me asked if that was Philadelphia.

New haircut!

OK, it may not look that different, but she took a few inches off and the layers are almost grown out. I love how it turned out. Thanks Sue!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Joys of Home Ownership

I mean that in a good way.

We had the landscaper come give us a quote on finishing up the front yard. We can't afford it until the spring, but he did recommend new mulch for our existing landscaping. After agreeing on a price, he magically appeared and left us brand spanking new (deep!) mulch, spread nicely among the plants.

And the driveway sealer came yesterday. Let me say, the curb appeal of our house is amazing right now.

Lots more to share, I just need time to upload pictures, etc. Hopefully this weekend.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I hope you had a GREAT day!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Here's your kiwi.

See you soon!

We're home!!!

Man, we had a good time, but it was so nice to get home on Saturday. I should have taken a picture of the TWO bags of stinky fighter laundry. And it did it ALL yesterday. Plus I ironed. Mom would be proud.

New job officially starts today. I'm thinking it won't feel much different.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pennsic Plunder

...Midnight Madness Style

Every Wednesday of the active week of Pennsic, all the vendors stay open late and we go shopping. The weather was gorgeous, so tons of people were out. We picked up some fighter gear for the husband and a buttload of yarn for me. And a few gifts for some special people :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More kids at Pennsic

I swear, kids at Pennsic are my favorite thing of all. The little ones are so adorable I could watch them all day. The tweens are a blast because they're either helping out their parents on the field or starting to learn to fight themselves. There's a special section where they can gear up, grab some uber-padded weapons, and learn the finer points of battle. Or maybe Mom and Dad get them a mini bow and arrow and they're off to the archery range. They make me smile.
This little girl was with her mom at our B&B last year. She's big enough for her own parasol this year, and enjoyed being like mommy.
This little archer was watching the troops march in for the town battle. He was taking it all in.
Long ago, some ingenious person got the idea that the kids should have a day to storm the castle with squirt guns and water balloons. It's the highlight of the week for the little ones, and they all make a beeline for the castle, bathing suits on and guns in hand, at the appointed time. The rest of us watch and wish we were 10 again.
This little guy decided to warm up with Dad.
The kids try to overwhelm the adults with water. It was the best sound ever--a ton of happy kids squealing with each shot they took.

Fencing day

So my husband fights with heavy weapons--sword, spear, hammer, that sort of thing. But there are real live fencers who get their own day in the sun (literally) at Pennsic.

While there's a lot of commotion with a heavy weapons battle, it's very quiet when the fencers fight. Just a battle cry and a quiet *ting ting* when rapiers meet.

Fencers wear cool clothes.

Chicks fence.

I want to be a fencer.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Allergies suck (sorry Mom)

I got to Pennsic with a mild cold, which finally resolved by late Sunday. Today I felt like crap, and just kept telling myself it was the phlegm-y part of my post-cold experience. Oh no. It's allergies. They're here with a vengeance.

I'm not surprised. I'm in a dusty campground, and the battlefield is littered with haybales, all quietly incubating every kind of mold, mildew, and allergen they can think of. Thank God for Claritin.

Not many pictures today. I spent the morning in classes, and the afternoon window shopping in preparation for tomorrow's retail therapy. The husband spent the day fighting in the woods. All in all a good midweek Pennsic experience. We celebrated with a huge steak dinner, and he's drifting to sleep as I write.

Monday, August 4, 2008

First full day at Pennsic

Opening ceremonies were yesterday, so I did get to see lots of royalty, and drool over pretty dresses:

My dress--functional, but not quite so pretty.

I saw some neat personae I hadn't encountered before. One of the kings had a giant turban on his head--it actually looked like one of those paper lanterns you hang in your backyard. I have no idea how he kept it on his head. And these cool guys in Asian armor:

I wish I'd videotaped the opening parade. Each kingdom came in, some with drums, some with bagpipes, some with singing. And everyone had a drink in their hand :) Then they all gathered around the castle, swore their loyalty to one side or another, and broke for lunch!

Kids are my favorite things at Pennsic. This little girl looks like she stepped out of a Dutch painting.

And she had some pretty cool wheels to ride around in

I had to get my perennial shot of the hill with the logo on it. There's a big Roman numeral 37 on the hill this year.

Lots of fighting, as usual. I mean, that's why we're here, right? The husband got to battle inside the castle, and I watched some individual and small group tournaments and practices.

I learned to make soap, but missed out on whiskey tasting. There's always next year! Next up the husband does some more fighting and I learn about this SCA thing. Oh, and calligraphy.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

We're at War!

No pictures yet, I haven't had a chance to take many. That will change...

The weather is great--sunny and 80. Can't ask for much better.

We checked in and got our Pennsic medallions. Mom, you would like them--there's a fleur de lis in the middle of it. The medallions are your pass to get in and around Pennsic. If you don't have one, you can't get in. Very important piece of jewelry.

The bad news--our normal off-site parking area is gone. This really nice lady who lived right outside the site used to rent out her front yard for parking. Sadly, she sold the house and the new owners aren't quite to anxious to make some cash this week. Fortunately it looks like there are some spots close to the action this year. Fingers crossed.

The good news--the husband has an official pass to put up a canopy on the battlefield. That means a central location to meet while we're here, he can be close to the action, and I can have a place to hang out and knit when I'm not taking classes.

Our B&B, as always, is lovely. We have a new room this year, and I love it. We're having French toast casserole tomorrow morning--yum!

My class schedule tomorrow looks like fun. I get to learn how to make soap in the morning, and I get to learn about Scotch whiskey in the afternoon (and maybe get a tasting). I'll be thinking of you, Dad!

Oh, and D, to answer your questions:

How are the royalty selected? They have fighting tournaments every 6 months, and the winner is crowned king. Funny enough, these particular tournaments are called Crown Tournaments. Opening Ceremonies are tomorrow morning, so I'll see lots of royalty.

Also- is that a fake tattoo? Most definitely. I can't handle that much pain. They put it on with woad, which is an indigo dye. I had a great chat with the guy who put it on me, so I may have to visit him again just to say hello and get a little design done.

More to come!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Off to War!

Let me explain.

The husband has been a member of the SCA since college. It's kinda hard to describe, but basically it's a worldwide society of people whose hobby is recreating medieval life in all its aspects, be it mercenary warriors, poets, musicians, seamstresses, brewers, you name it. Very interesting stuff. People choose personas to represent, anywhere from 600 to 1600AD, and live these personas when they get together for SCA events, both large and small. Some people do the bare minimum to go medieval, while other people really get into it. Think Civil War re-enactors, but a few centuries earlier.

Most kingdoms get together for a big event, or war, every year. In the kingdom where we reside, that war is upon us, and it's called Pennsic. Tomorrow we're heading off to Pennsic War XXXVII.

I'm looking forward to it. The husband gets to armor up and whack people with large sticks (yes, they really fight, armor and all, but their weapons are rattan-based, not live steel).

I get to take classes on medieval subjects (I'm really looking forward to Sinister Calligraphy and the history of scotch whiskey [complete with free tastings]). And there's the shopping, and gawking at royalty, and watching 10,000 or so people create a series of medieval villages in the middle of western PA.

Plus, I get to dress up. What girl doesn't want an entirely separate wardrobe, just for such events? I'm already drooling over some dresses I saw online that I.must.have. And maybe some new shoes.

If the laptop lets me download pix, I'll post from the road.