Saturday, February 6, 2010

No snowpocalypse for us

Since Wednesday or so, the TV stations have been all over the latest approaching snow event. Massive snow down DC way, maybe reaching up here, to the tune of 1-3". Or 2-4". Depending on whether you believed the weather girl or the meteorologist.

J and I hit the grocery store on Friday to beat the rush, and planned to hunker down today and ride out the storm. For what it's worth, the grocery store was a ghost town on Thursday. But the parking lot was packed on Friday when I drove by on my way home.

We slept in, and I woke up about 9-ish to check out the weather.

We have nothing. Not a flake. The driveway is black as night, the roads are clear. There are low clouds, but that's pretty much how it's going to stay today.

J got up a little later and told me there were 16" outside. Little did he know I'd already taken and peek and knew how nice it was out there.

We're still staying homebound, because there are some things we need to do around the house, and it's cold, and it's more entertaining to put on The Weather Channel and watch the Snowpocalypse going on down in DC. My Baltimore friends are surely snowbound for the whole weekend. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed they all have power.

Happy February!


Me said...

We got 6" - just enough to be pretty but not too much of an inconvenience! I love it!

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

We only got about 5 inches, which is nothing where we are. Fine by me, I has stuff to do :)