Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back to knitting

I've been working on a project that kicked my butt from mid-December on. But it's finally finished, so I can start working on some new stuff that's been sitting in the backlog pile.

((Pssst...I'll show a picture of the butt-kicking project when it reaches its recipient))

I knitted up all the pieces to a baby sweater I want to finish by March. It's buttery soft alpaca in tonal shades of dark blue. I might have enough to make another one a lot like it! I'll finish it off this coming weekend. And I'll post pictures, I promise.

I'm also starting a pair of mittens for me. They're the Bella's mittens I did here, but using the same yarn as for this scarf. Yes, I will have a matching scarf and mitten set that I made all by myself.

I have another baby sweater in mind that needs to be done by June, I need to work on that Celtic knot shawl I took a class for in September, and there are some crochet projects lying around too. Oh, and I scored big at my yarn store's Super Bowl Sale, so there will be more stuff coming up.


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