Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Woollie mail, in pictures

Every so often, I talk about cloth diapers, and now is a great reason to do so!

Long ago, when I first talked about cloth diapers, I mentioned wool diaper covers. And the last time I got a cute shipment of them, I mentioned them as well. But yesterday was special.

Several weeks ago, I contact a seller on Etsy and asked if I could get a custom diaper cover from an old cashmere twinset I didn't fit into any more. No problem. She sent me a detailed questionnaire to make sure we got everything right, asked if I wanted any embellishments (of course I asked for a panda), and got to work. She sent me a preview a few days ago and I've been waiting patiently by the mailbox ever since.

After my knit night at my awesome LYS (more on that in another post), I dropped by the mailbox and saw this:

I knew it! My panda pants for S were finally here!

This morning I had to get them on the butt to see how they looked. S helped.

Hey Mom, what are these!

Check out my new paaaaaaaaaants!

Action shot. I am in love!

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Lindsay said...

That is rediculously cute!!!