Friday, June 3, 2011

An open letter to Lowes

Our oven died last week. Great, less than a month before we moved. We didn't want to leave the new owner in the lurch, and I wanted to cook/bake some of the stuff in the kitchen so we didn't have to move it. A visit to Lowes on the day before Memorial Day resulted in finding about 25 electric ranges and about 3 gas ranges (we have gas). We gave up, went online, and found what we wanted. At a store over an hour away, in another state. No problem, Lowes. You deliver and install for free. I heard it from a customer service rep.

Early this week an employee from your NJ store called to confirm a Friday delivery. This morning your delivery guys called and said you'd be here between 2 and 4pm. Fabulous.

At 5pm, your guys showed up. Wheeled the range into the house, looked at our existing range, and said, "We can't touch gas. You need someone to come disconnect your old range. Then you have to have them install the new one, and you can call us to drive back here and pick up the old one." After your guys stored the new range in our garage, they mentioned that it might also need a propane conversion kit. Absolutely none of this was mentioned during the buying and delivery scheduling process.

I called your NJ store. The operator was delightful (and apologetic), but no one answered the phone when I tried to talk to Appliances or a store manager. A call to your 800 number got someone who was apparently trained to be as neutral as possible as I ranted about what a cluster---- this whole process was.

A call back to your NJ store got me a snippy woman in Appliances who said they informed people who came in the store that they would need an outside person to do the install. But apparently that doesn't apply to people who order online, or whom they actually call to set up delivery. And she admitted that she was the one to call me to set up the appointment!

A call to my local store to find a conversion kit resulted in 4 tries to get anyone to answer the phone in Appliances. They finally had to have a store manager answer the phone so he could walk to Appliances in person and get my question answered.

Well, Lowes, it's your problem now. J did some detective work tonight and figured out that we need a $70 sensor replaced in our current range. We plan on picking up the part soon (tomorrow if we're lucky) and having you come take your brand spanking new range back to NJ. I hope the poor schmuck who buys it knows what he/she is getting into.

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d said...

I'd like to say things are better over here, but they aren't - apparently appliance stores are useless wordwide. ;)

Glad to hear you sorted out the issue with your current stove, though! That's much faster, easier and cheaper!