Friday, June 10, 2011

Crafty (and daughter-y) update

With the weather getting warmer, I wanted S to have some skirted wool soakers. I mean, the panda pants are great and all, but they're cashmere, and it was 98 here yesterday.

I found a pattern and started making a skirtie. And decided I didn't like the yarn. And that I didn't have the right needle. So I got some beautiful Taos yarn in shades of deep pink, and a proper needle. And got to work.

Now I wonder why I waited so long to make this. It was super easy, and super quick. I finished it in a week, even in the middle of The Big Move.

It fits S great. Not baggy at all, but with a little room to grow.

Just the other day I found a yarn maker who makes a yarn colorway named after S. I immediately ordered 2 skeins of beautiful merino wool so I can do another skirtie. This one in blues and greens. I can't wait.

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trina said...

So impressed! Very cute.