Monday, June 27, 2011

Gonna vent a little

It's been a rough week.

We got into MA last Saturday ready to start our new life here. And it was a bit rocky. Our living room was a mass of boxes and various bits and bobs all over the place. The kitchen/DR table wasn't assembled. S's crib needed to be put together. We had no bed, just the pull-out sofa.

We spent Sunday looking at more houses. I feel like we've seen every house on the market in a 25 mile radius of J's work. We started to dig through the mess that was our apartment.

Monday J started work. We were a one-car family for the week, so this meant getting S up around 7:15 so we could get J over to the job site. We threw in the extra fun of meeting some Internet friends of mine and their kids at the Boston Children's Museum. We had a fabulous time, but it was a busy day.

The rest of the week was spent shuttling J to and from work, trying to dig ourselves out of the boxes, getting things set up, and getting ready to head back to PA.

Yeah, we did the drive again this weekend. In part it was to pick up all those little things we left at the house, and in part it was to visit J's family and celebrate his Maw's 85th birthday. So Friday at 4:30 we packed up and headed south. I think we got in around 11.

Saturday was a fun-filed day with J's family (S didn't stop running for about 3 hours), finding and buying a new bed, and keeping a sleepy toddler somewhat content during dinner. Sunday we were supposed to drive back, me with S and one car, and J with another car and some of the things we wanted to bring to MA.

90 minutes into our trip, J called me and said the car died. All the electrical had just shut off, and he was on an offramp in a random town in western NY state. Lovely. We got the car towed to an even more random town, crammed J and some stuff into my car, and headed back to our house in PA so we could regroup.

This morning J went into his old job site to get some work done (oh yeah, his power cord for his work computer is missing), and S and I made our way back to MA. I-84 was NOT fun today. J then left his work site at 3, swung by the house to make sure it looked show-able, swung by the mechanic to get more stuff out of his car, and brought Car #3 up north. He's still on the road as of this posting.

Did I mention I have a cold?

Anyhoo, on a brighter note, we're going to make an offer on a house tomorrow. And someone made a very good offer on our house in PA. So all is not lost.

Let's just hope this week goes a bit more smoothly.

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d said...

Aw, moving is never easy. :) The little stuff does add up, but the hopefully the bigger things (houses!) will go smoothly! Thinking about you!