Thursday, June 30, 2011

OK, time to talk positives, because there really are a lot

After my vent session, it's time to talk about the positives going on in our lives.

The very first Monday we were here, S and I attended a GTG at the Children's Museum in downtown Boston. It was a blast. It wasn't that hard to get into the city, we found a primo parking garage (that validates parking at the museum), and the weather was perfect.

The museum has areas for kids of all ages. There's a toddler room that was perfect for S. She spent a good half hour playing with the giant train set, then wandered over to the giant car, which she climbed into herself! She loved turning the steering wheel and pressing the button that played car songs. When she got tired of that, she went to the play kitchen and sat at the table, checking out the other kids. I also discovered there's a real kitchen to have lunchtime with the kids. So cool. We are definitely considering an annual membership so she can go back and play to her heart's content. Daddy really wants to go!

And on the housing front, things are looking great. We got a solid offer on our house after a week on the market and 3 showings. We are so, so lucky. The inspection should happen in a week or so, and hopefully things will just keep chugging along. We also had an offer accepted on a house in MA, and the inspection, etc. should track nicely with the sale of our house. The move-in date won't be for a while yet, but we can extend our apartment stay if needed.

Speaking of our apartment, we're starting to enjoy the amenities available. J takes S out and about each evening while I make dinner, and has gotten to see quite a bit. They played with the neighbor kids behind our apartment the first night, and they checked out the tennis courts last night. After dinner we all headed out and walked the neighborhood.

S and I are also checking out local shops and markets. We went to our first farmer's market yesterday, and visited a new yarn store. We may be doing another farmer's market today and seeing what else the area has to offer.

And....drumroll please...we got our new bed! Yep, last night we slept in our brand new king-sized pillowtop bed, and it was awesome. I even got new bedding for it. I feel very fancy.

I have yet to locate a cord to upload any pictures I've taken, so you'll just have a wait a bit for that ;)

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