Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finally, some pictures

Eating a saltine in her "Girls Rock" tshirt and wool skirtie

Starting off the day in her PJs with her new toy--a fabric basket. She spent the day carrying this around.

A rare picture with Mommy. This was on the way to play with Daddy before I started dinner.

Her latest trick is to climb, everywhere. She scurries under the table, finds a chair with a gap, and shimmies up onto the seat. Then she tries to find something, anything on the table to play with. Today it was the napkin holder.

S's new shoes! I couldn't resist

Modeling them with her summer outfit

All ready for her trike ride with Daddy. It didn't work as well as expected. She didn't know that she was supposed to keep her feet up!

We're starting to settle in here. Inspection on the house in MA is next week, so hopefully we'll be ready to proceed to next steps shortly. We're taking S to a children's 4th of July parade tomorrow. Should be fun!

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Peeper said...

Baby feet in sandals drive me absolutely crazy! How is something so cute even legal?