Sunday, November 14, 2010


Falling behind on Adoption Awareness Month, so today's a double entry.

Nov 13: Look into becoming a foster parent
Nov 14: Celebrate your family by beginning or catching up on your scrapbooking

Fostering is something J and I have tossed around in the abstract, but we don't feel like we're in the position to be foster parents at this point. However, I do have friends who have gone the foster or foster/adopt route, and have found it very rewarding. This is a shout out to those of you foster parents. You know who you are, and you rock.

So, scrapbooking. Something I used to do on a fairly regular basis, but it's been a long time since I got out the fancy paper and the decorative scissors. We've made shutterfly albums of S, but nothing formal in the way of scrapbooking. Maybe I'll get cracking on that this week. If I can put the knitting and crocheting down long enough...

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