Friday, November 5, 2010

Adoption Awareness Month, Day 5

Encourage local schools to speak and teach about adoption.

S isn't even near school age, so this will likely not happen until she starts school, we've assessed if adoption is discussed at her school already, and if we're comfortable having it be a big topic.

This is one of my biggest dilemmas as an adoptive parent, at least right now. Yes, we had a very positive adoption experience. Yes, we want to promote adoption as a great option for building a family. But we don't want it to be the end-all and be-all of S's life. And I think a little part of me is waiting for someone to react negatively to the fact that she was adopted, and having to address it in an appropriate manner.

When a random stranger says something about S looking like me, or making comments about my pregnancy with her, J and I don't bring up her adoption. Because this is a total stranger whom we will likely never meet again, and we don't see the point in going into the whole story. Again, I think part of us just doesn't want it to be the focus. Yes, she was adopted, but she's also beautiful, smart, can crawl, has big, (sometimes) blue eyes, and has tiny feet. With people we know better, we are more than happy to discuss any details they want to know about (within reason), or answer any questions they have.

So I think that's why we'll feel out her school and teachers before we jump into the adoption discussion. I don't want her labeled as different from the get-go (though I'm sure every kid has some difference that gets them noticed pretty much off the bat). And I want to make sure her teachers are informed about adoption before launching into discussions.

Wow, that turned out way longer than I expected.

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