Friday, November 26, 2010

Adoption Awareness Month: Day 26

Keep positive thoughts for those with currently pending adoptions.

This has been on my mind lately. As I've mentioned, I participate in a lot of message boards, and one has to do with adoption. There are a few gals on the board who have been waiting quite a while for a match, some enduring multiple matches that fell through right before or right after the child was born. While we had an amazingly quick, positive adoption experience, we have to remember that not everyone does.

And there are those who are in the midst of the foster-adopt process who have a child in their home but are waiting patiently for their adoptions to be finalized, which in some cases can take years. During that time, there is always the worry that their child may be returned to their biological family. Which in some cases is for the best, but can cause great sadness for all involved.

So for those of you waiting for your forever child, know that we are thinking about you, not only today but every day, until your child comes home.

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