Wednesday, November 3, 2010

8 months!

Today is S's 8 month birthday!

We took pictures with her blocks in the high chair today...

...or in the car seat...

...because our other option wasn't cutting it.

S "celebrated" her birthday by waking up at 5am and not fallling back asleep until she was in the big bed. Which means a very tired Mommy, who didn't want to fall asleep with an increasingly mobile child in bed. But we both managed to doze off and on.

We also had S's flu booster. She was SUCH a good girl. The receptionist held her, and said all she did was make a little "eh" sound. She was more clingy today, and a lot of little things set her off. Hence the picture below, with a tiny little tear under her eye. I think she fell over, and you would have thought the world ended.

She perked up this evening, but is fighting sleep as we speak. Good times.

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