Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

This is the day I send special Veteran's Day wishes to my dad, who's been a veteran for quite a while now. Fittingly, my parents found some old pictures of my dad in his Navy days and sent them along to use kids. Here he is, becoming a veteran in Vietnam, circa 1968.

Handsome, no? I believe my mom used the words "hunka burning love". Dad noted no wedding ring in case he was captured ::shudders::

Dad always likes to say he started his military career fighting a war, and spent the rest of it training to fight one. He retired in 1988, shortly after flying in his last air show, which is where this picture was taken. He's the guy on the right ;)

Handsome, no?

So on this Veteran's Day, be sure to thank a vet for his/her service. Veteran's Day seems to have been ignored for quite a while, especially in the hangover after the Vietnam War. I don't remember anyone really mentioning it much throughout the 80s and 90s. I'm glad to see that our vets are being recognized more these days, even if it (sadly) took another war to make that happen.

And Dad, thanks for your service.

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budley said...

Thanks Darling Daughter for the kind words. It is so nice to be recognized on this special day. Give a big hug to S and we will see you soon!!!