Thursday, January 14, 2010

BIG NEWS on Don't Drink the Water

I've been wanting to talk about this, but we were waiting until we told our families first.

We are adopting!!!

That's right, Dr L and Mr L are adopting a baby. When, we don't know. It could be tomorrow, it could be next year. Which is a really strange feeling.

We are working with an adoption agency that specializes in domestic infant adoption. The agency operates in several states in our general region, and our son or daughter could come from any of those states. We first started talking to them about a year ago, and felt really comfortable with the social worker. She talked to us forever and answered all of our questions.

We applied to the agency in the spring, and started our homestudy shortly after that. The homestudy consisted of us filling out a lot of paperwork (including criminal background checks and FBI clearances), and writing and talking a lot about our lives, our marriage, and our relationships. We then put a profile together with pictures of ourselves and a letter to a potential birthfamily. We went active about a month ago, meaning our profile went out to all the offices where our agency operates. Any potential birthfamily can be presented with our profile, and may choose us to be parents for their child.

So now we wait. And try to resist buying everything baby-related that looks even remotely cute. And take a newborn care class. And read about feeding, and diapers, and sleep schedules. And think about baby registries. And wonder if we should schedule that vacation in September, because we may get a call then. Or already have a baby in our home.

I know this blog thing is a mostly one-way proposition, but if you have any questions about adoption, or how we got here, feel free to leave a comment. I'll be happy to answer it. I am inspired by my friend Amy, who has a foster son and LOVES talking about adoption to people! I want to be just like her ;)


Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

yay for going public! I can not wait for your family to grow! I feel honored that you are inspired by me.

Gem said...

I'm so excited that you're getting closer! Can't wait until your blog is filled with pics of the little one.

RooManda said...

YAYAYAY!!! I am very excited for you! And happy, overjoyed, a little proud, but mostly very excited! Your baby will have the most incredible giving folks. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this today! YAY! I think this is so great, and hope things go swiftly. Someday, hopefully, I'll do it too.