Thursday, June 17, 2010

Knitting success!

In this post, I talked about the work-in-progress event my local yarn store was doing. I am proud to announce that I finished all 5 of my registered projects within the deadline! I was one of only 6 people to do so, and I managed to do it with a newborn in the house. Yes, I am quite proud.

My last project was these mittens. I had made them before, but I wanted a pair (for me this time) to match this scarf.

Ta da!
So now that I don't have a deadline, things are progressing more slowly on the knitting/crochet front. I started a dress for S, but it's tedious going. Good thing I have a year to get it done before it fits her. I started crocheting a baby and daddy fish, but they won't be done in time for Father's Day. J doesn't seem to mind. I have a couple of other random projects I started last year that I'm trying to get back to. The mojo will come back soon, I'm sure.