Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wild kingdom

We had a nice evening yesterday, so I put S in the Moby and we took a stroll of the grounds ;) As we wandered into the backyard, a bird flew out of an area near our back "deck" (all 3' x 4' of it) and into a nearby tree. It was a robin:

On the "deck", we have this decorative bird feeder. I'm not sure if it was meant to really be used as a bird feeder, or was just supposed to be a piece of rustic decor. In any case, we put it on the deck railing a while back and it's just been there. It sits right next to our (now rusted out) grill. To be quite frank, I'm amazed it has stayed put given some of the storms we've had up here. I noticed recently it looked like there was a nest in it, but I thought that might be part of the rustic charm.

As soon as I saw Momma Robin, however, I got an idea. I went up to the feeder, and lo and behold, there was this:

A robin's egg (in robin's egg blue, no less) and 2 VERY newly hatched robins in a nice little nest. And a mad momma robin still up in the tree.

I'm hoping at least one survives, and that the unhatched egg isn't a dud but just a late bloomer. Momma Robin was on her nest this morning, so all is well so far. I'll try and keep you posted as they grow.

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