Sunday, May 16, 2010

What I've been knitting

My local yarn store is doing a genius promotion this spring, revolving around works in progress. The purpose is to finish all those knitting projects you have started and really need to finish. If you get it done by the deadline (Joanne gave us 2 months to get cracking), you're entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes. If you register a minimum of 5 projects, you can get a little something for participating. Considering that the promotion started a month after S came home, I just went with 5 projects and hoped for the best. One of the gals registered 33 projects! Needless to say, I am impressed.

The reason this is genius to me is that I work really well with a deadline. Of the 5 projects I registered, I finished 3 already, and still have a month to go before I have to finish the other 2. The other reason this is genius is that poor S doesn't have anything to wear that Mommy knitted for her. So I could pull out all those cute baby patterns and go to town.

Long story longer, here is what I've finished for S so far.
I just love how this tulip yoke cardigan worked out. I even had some cute flower buttons to sew on it. S will likely fit this in a month or so. I just hope it still fits her when it gets cooler this fall.

I just adore how this little jacket worked out. I had some silver buttons with Celtic knot designs that look great. This is a 12-month size, so hopefully S can wear this by her birthday in March.

My other finished project is a shrug for me (yay!). What's left is a pair of mittens I've been meaning to make for me for about 4 months now, and a sweater for S that's been sitting on needles for 2 years. It's about time I finished it off.

I've already suggested that this be an annual event, because I think it gives everyone a great excuse to go through the house, find stuff they didn't know they were working on, and get them done!

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Stephanie said...

love love love the blue jacket for S!