Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday at War

Ahh, lazy Wednesdays at War. The boys didn't have anything on the fighting schedule until at least 1, so we slept in, had a lazy breakfast, and I even blow-dried my hair (I think that's a first for Pennsic). We wandered onsite around noon and spent the rest of the day pretty low key. I watched J fence in the novice tournament.

He made it to the second round before he was eliminated :( Pretty good for a guy who was only authorized to fence a few months ago, if that.

I spent the rest of the day picking up some odds and ends at the vendor tents and hanging out at our shady spot. Our friend Mike volunteered for an hour or so, then came over to entertain me.

Our shady spot is over near the heavy fighting, and all the bigwigs (knights and such) were practicing. They're pretty impressive, and some of them have quite the regalia:

After a quick stop at home and Chinese buffet for dinner (yum!), it was time to head back in for Midnight Madness, the night when all the merchants stay open and have sales to draw the crowds in. We usually get a little dressed up for this, and Mike took our picture for the occasion. This is my new favorite picure of J and me:

For some reason, I look at this and think I look like Maria von Trappe!

The night was perfect. Upper 50s, clear, full moon.

Before we knew it, it was midnight and time to pull J away from the swords that were tempting him. We got some presents for ourselves and some very special people, and went to bed knowing that Thursday was a day to play in the woods.

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