Saturday, August 8, 2009

Final Pennsic Post

I didn't get to post yesterday. We did a lot of running around, and packing was in full swing, plus we were sending Mike off with some of our stuff. Oh, and there was some fighting as well. So I'm making up for it now.

This is what a typical day was like at Pennsic this year (at least for Week 2, or so we heard)

There was a final castle battle today, which was obviously well-attended

There were young fighters

...and some a little more mature

The fencers were still out and about

...and there was still shopping to be done

And finally, the boys completed the final battle

All in all, it was a pretty good War. OK, we had the car accident, and J wanted to do better in his novice fencing tournament. But we had a good time, the weather was great, J got a lot of fencing in, and we got home safely. We're already talking about next year.

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