Saturday, August 1, 2009

Prettier Pennsic Pictures

I didn't spend much time on site today. J only had one tournament, and someone had to babysit the car. Instead, I relaxed at the B&B--reading, knitting, napping, and taking some pictures.

This is where I started the morning; reading the paper in the gazebo on the property. So peaceful.

Clematis growing along the gazebo. I wish I could be this successful with clematis.

Daylilies, with a touch of lavender in the background

Black eyed susans by the front door

I'm hoping to catch some butterfly shots this week.

I also went to church in town today. I love this place--it's so medieval looking, which fits in with why we're here, right? I never get time to get good pictures, because J is usually waiting for me and I don't want to disturb people who are trying to pray. But I got this shot which I think gives you a good idea of how the church looks.

Tomorrow I have a knitting class, and we're going a-visiting on site. Maybe doing some shopping too!

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trina said...

How nice! I'm glad you are enjoying a little peace to make up for the traumatic beginnings.