Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fit x 2

J was home sick on Thursday, but called me to say a present for me had arrived in the mail. When I got home, this was on the coffee table:

Woo hoo! A Wii Fit! I've really been wanting to add this to our Wii repertoire. We set it up today and have been getting quite the good workout. J kicks butt at the hula hoops, and is determined to show off his prowess at the ski slalom. I stink at the high wire, but I'm quite proficient at the ski jump. I think we're going to get a lot of good use out of this.

Speaking of Fits, we test drove a 2009 Fit yesterday:

Man, this thing is fun to drive. It's roomy as all get out and suits us well. I always notice the dumb little things, like the huge winshield that gives you a great vantage point, and the little storage nooks for drinks, change, etc. And it's quiet, which isn't a surprise, given the fact that we each have 10+ year old cars that probably lost their soundproofing capabilities years ago!

We're checking in on prices with our local dealer this week and finding out if we have to order one. But we hope to have a new car in the house by summer :)


d said...

They call it the "Jazz" here, and if we were to ever buy a car, that is the one we'd buy!

Gem said...

New cars are so much fun! Just keep in mind that the big windows means it gets HOT in the summer. But it looks to be a great little car, can't wait to see how you like it!

budley said...

By summer???!!!!