Sunday, March 8, 2009

...and the ugly

About halfway through our meeting in this lovely hotel, someone told me the toilets weren't flushing in the bathroom. Turns out a construction worker ran into the water line and the entire hotel was out of water. We were out for a few hours until water was blissfully restored.

We were then informed that the water would be shut off again from midnight to 6am, and were provided 2 bottles of water in the meantime to brush our teeth due to a boil water advisory. We were warned to shower the night before our final meeting, considering we had to be ready to go at 6:30, and 6am wasn't a guarantee.

Sure enough, water wasn't restored until 8am. Thank goodness I showered the night before, or I would have been screwed. But let me tell you, pouring a bottle of water over my head and trying to make my hair look decent was a challenge. Considering the fact I had to do a whole meeting, then get on a plane and travel back home over 5 hours, you wouldn't be surprised that I showered as soon as I got home at midnight.

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