Sunday, March 8, 2009

...the bad...

So trip #2 was to Tampa. Let me warn you now, don't stay at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay. Compared to the Grand Hyatt DFW, this place was a real disappointment. The food was marginal at best. The staff were either ambivalent or ignored us. The bathroom was run down. I put white ankle socks on to walk around the room, and they were gray by the end of the stay.
There were a few high points. The meeting went very well. We actually got to venture outside once or twice ;) One of our team members got a room upgrade. The hotel backed up to the bay. And I got to meet a gal I met on the Internet and always wanted to meet in person.
Some pictures to salvage the trip.
A view of palm trees from my window

A blue heron on the hunt

Berries on the nature walk

Florida has pretty flowers

...and plants

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