Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yay for Pinterest

I'm making turkey stock today, and I'm irrationally excited about it. Maybe because this means I'm actually doing something I found on Pinterest.

For those of you not familiar, let my friend Amy explain it to you. In brief, it's an organized place to keep all those things you're interested in making, cooking, looking at, quotes to remember, what have you, all tied up a neat little bow. Problem is, sometimes you spend all day night pinning, and don't actually make/do any of those things you just pinned.

I'm trying to buck that trend. So I made turkey tenderloin using a recipe from Pinterest, and now I've wandered into the realm of "exotic" squash preparation (yeah, butternut and spaghetti squash are a novelty around here, sad to say) thanks to helpful pins.

We decided to do something with all that dark meat from our Christmas turkey that everyone hates, and I didn't want to repeat the turkey stew debacle of last year. Finding a turkey vertebra in your stew is NOT fun (hey, I tried to pick through it). There's a guarantee I won't repeat that with a stock recipe.

So for now a giant Dutch oven is bubbling away on my stove.

Here's the recipe from my Pinterest board. And I'm MitzkiK if you want to follow me ;)

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trina said...

I love pinterest. We're having pan-fried pasta with butternut squash for dinner that I have pinned on a my food board. I think I'm YourVeganMom there.