Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas continues

The mailman brought 2 big packages in a giant plastic bag yesterday. Pouring rain and wind gusts will do that to a guy. When I dug them out, it looked like Christmas gifts from S's birthmom and birthgrandma. And I was right! After she got up from her nap, she opened up her latest version of Christmas

"Hmmm, wonder what's in here? For ME!"

2 Beauty and the Beast books, and a Belle dress (that's Mommy's Pride and Prejudice DVD). S immediately tried to take off her shirt

Checking out her dress and book

Reading like a princess

Afterward she took off Mommy's headband (hence the crazy hair) and insisted I wear her New Year's Hat

Dancing in her dress

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trina said...

So cute! Felix wanted to watch it again and again.