Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Christmas pictures

On the 26th, we had a few more presents to open

S got more tracks to her Ikea train set

She got a set of stackable blocks that kept her entertained for hours

She took a quick rest on her chair from last Christmas

Grania and Maw came, with a giant truck full of Christmas presents. So the gift-giving continued!

Lovely, lovely PJs

Showing off her new skirt and cowgirl boots

The morning of the 27th, there was still more. This is what happens when Grania has a grandchild. A grandchild.

This was actually Mommy's present ;)

It makes a good pillow

Daddy put together a nifty shopping basket

...and got some DVDs. Mommy won't see him again for a very long time ;)

S and the finished product, toting her baby doll

It was a good day

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d said...

I, too, had a giant Snoopy when I was her age! :)