Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas

Waaaaaaaaaay back when we moved into our house in PA, Christmas was very low-key. We were flying across the country to see my parents, and the garage was still full of unpacked boxes. We couldn't even see the floor in the room where the tree would normally go, so we didn't put one up.
This year was threatening to be the same way. We traveled for Thanksgiving, then hosted my parents. We still have 2 rooms (and a chunk of the basement) unpacked. The big difference? We have an almost-2-year-old, and she's starting to "get" Christmas. Tree it is!

We did the lights today while S was napping, and plan to piecemeal the decorations as the week goes on. Kind of like they used to put the tree up late in the season, back in the old days ;)

I've also been decorating here and there with what I could find from the myriad Christmas boxes in the basement:

Yeah, it looks a little cluttered. But hey, it's our first mantel in forever, and there isn't a lot of horizontal space available in other rooms at the moment (I'm working on the dining room, mom)

S is getting in the holiday spirit

She looks like my little punk rocker

She's also getting ready for the colder weather

My Advent scarf is coming along nicely, despite some dropped stitches and foul language (sorry Mom)

I'm also working on a VERY late Secret Santa scarf; I just haven't taken a picture yet.

S got in on the action by taking a picture of my scarf picture. You can't keep a camera away from that kid these days

I finally found some time in my day to make mini gingerbread loaves. The mailman and a few choice friends are going to be mighty happy :)

Currently I have eggnog pound cake baking for a couple of holiday parties that my moms groups are having tomorrow. Can you believe that the 2 groups I attend are having a holiday party on the same day at the same time??? We'll be traveling for sure tomorrow.

J went to the Filene's Basement GOOB sale and bought a pair of shoes or 2 for S:

He got them in sizes 5 and 6, so we're good for months. Though we'll still take those boots that Santa Grania got S :)

I just finished the last of the Christmas cards. Well, one is outstanding, but I know where the address is and it will be in the mail shortly. I mailed the last of the Christmas presents yesterday. S and I went to the children't Mass and Christmas pageant tonight, and she wasn't the worst behaved kid in the cry room. I had a nice glass of wine with dinner tonight. Life is good.

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