Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy busy busy

My toddler is napping and I should be doing one of a gazillion things on my to-do list. But here I am blogging.

We've been busy, as usual. I had a quick freelance project this weekend, so I spent a lot of free time getting that done. And painting the dining room (still). I got enough walls finished that I could unpack a giant box and put stuff into one of the curio cabinets. Now I have the longest wall of all to finish, and I can unpack some more and get the other cabinet filled. Maybe someday we'll see the top of the dining room table. Here's a before and after of the paint colors. It takes 3 coats to cover the white part.

J has the in-law suite almost completely organized before my parents come in a few weeks. That's been a long process, but we think it looks pretty nice. And cozy. And no, I don't mean so-tight-you-can't-move-around kind of cozy.

S has been doing her usual thing. Lots of talking, lots of running around. We met a new friend at a playgroup, so we had a playdate at Whole Foods this week. We went shopping for furniture and she hung out in her stroller while we checked out 2 giant floors of stuff (including a 90" TV--seriously, what's the point?). We went used car shopping and she got to "drive" a '57 Thunderbird. Mommy bought her a learning tower off of craigslist this weekend, so she's been spending a lot of time playing in the sink. And playing--lots of playing. Usually after she plays in the sink (hence the wet tshirt).

We are very much looking forward to our Thanksgiving week :)

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