Saturday, November 5, 2011

So, so tired

...and sore.

I don't remember painting taking this much out of me before. J took care of S all day and I did nothing but paint, paint, paint. Ugh. I love painting, but I could not do this for a living.

I got 2 bathrooms painted today, and started the dining room. I only have pictures of one bathroom so far, because I finished the second one after S went to bed. It's not ready for prime time just yet. But tomorrow...

So I give to you, the lemon yellow nightmare that was our guest bathroom:

And after, with a couple of coats of Sherwin-Williams Dutch Tile Blue

Now THAT'S a bathroom I can calmly pee in ;)


d said...

It looks great! =)

Murfy said...

When we moved into our house, the bedroom was painted that awful yellow. I could not sleep in a room that was yellower than mustard, it was the first room painted.