Friday, July 29, 2011

So, we've been busy

No pictures for now. There just hasn't been time.

Last Friday night J headed down to the house in PA to pick up all the things he didn't want the movers to takem and to disassemble some of the larger items so the movers wouldn't have to. It took him longer than expected, and he didn't head back north until Sunday. At which point S and I had almost finished *our* trek back to the house in PA. We did manage a quick meeting in beautiful Milford, PA before we went our separate ways. Again :(

S and I spent the week supervising the movers who took over our house and worked their magic. 4 guys made (relatively) quick work of the place. They started around 9:30 Monday morning and had the last things in their truck at 2:30 this afternoon. This included a ginormous weight set, a treadmill, a pool table (anyone in south Boston want a pool table?), and more hand weights than I could carry.

Did I mention in the middle of all this that I had not one, but 2 freelance assignments to work on?

Thank goodness for a flexible kid. She napped through people disassembling furniture in the next room. Twice. She managed to eat lunch while strange men wandered in and out of her kitchen. She picked up the mop and dustpan more than once in an effort to help clean. At the moment she's sleeping peacefully in a hotel room while I bang out this entry. I think it helped that her Grania came to visit and spent some quality time with her.

Tomorrow morning we're heading back over one last time to see if I can fit whatever's left into the car--wish me luck. There is that priority mail box that I may throw some crap wonderfully valuable items into and send off to the apartment. Time will tell. Think good thoughts that I can fit all of our stuff, including a Dyson, into the car and get us back up to MA in time to see Daddy before bed.

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