Thursday, February 3, 2011

In her big girl bed

S's changing table is up against her future big girl bed, a big trundle bed we have covered with stuffed animals. She decided she wasn't as tired as Mommy thought she was, so she rolled off her changing table and checked out her future bed.

Surveying the ridiculous number of stuffed animals we have.

Playing with an ancient bear that used to be Daddy's. I wound it up so she could hear it play music.

Discovering On the Night You Were Born, read to her by Grania.

If you haven't seen these, Hallmark has a series of books where you can record yourself reading them to someone. S has 4 of them right now: On the Night You Were Born and Frosty the Snowman, read to her by Grania, Twas the Night Before Christmas, read to her by Nana and Tapa, and All Things Bright and Beautiful, read to her by her birthmother. She loves them all.

Settling in to hear her book.

Turning the pages. She looked so cute.

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