Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brave baby

At S's 9-month appointment, our doctor ordered bloodwork to check iron and lead levels. I asked how bad a blood draw on an infant was going to be, and he said it would be 5 minutes of misery. Oh yeah, I was so looking forward to this.

Yesterday we bit the bullet and headed over to the hospital lab. I started getting nervous when the phlebotomist called for backup for S.

S sat on my lap while the 2 nice ladies told her how beautiful she was, and poked around her arms to find a good vein. The finally settled on one and put the little tourniquet on her little arm. S just looked at them like, "This is new." The stuck her with the needle and dug around a bit until they hit paydirt. I'm watching all of this waiting for the scream.

Nothing. S just sat there taking it all in. They collected their 2 vials, finished up, and put a giant cotton ball on her arm with some tape. They gave her 2 stickers, which she looked at like they were aliens (we have yet to give her any stickers). Then she gave them a huge grin.

I am a proud momma!


d said...

Love all the updates! She's growing fast. :)

Serendipite said...

What a brave little girl you have! :)