Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crafty update

First up, a dress for S:

I love love love this color. I hated hated hated this pattern. It's not that awful, really, just tedious. For you knitters out there who hate stockinette stitch, this is not the dress for you. It was seemingly miles of stockinette ("do 9 rows, then one decrease at each end") until I thought the damn thing would never get done. But it finally got interesting again, and then it was finished. All I need is a button on the back and a coordinating ribbon for the eyelets. J says he may have something that will work. If not, we have a ribbon store in town (aisles and aisles of ribbon), so I should be able to find something...

Next up, a little stuffed heart, just in time for Valentine's Day:

I found the instructions here 2 years ago. That's when I bought my first felt for this project, and I finally got around to doing it. Sadly, we do not own pinking shears (yes, J sews but doesn't own pinking shears), but I may buy a pair to finish off the rest of my hearts. The pattern calls for making them as pins, but I think I'll just put them in a bowl and smile when I see them.

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