Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's new, resolution wise

1. Today is J's birthday (happy birthday J!), so we broke out the vanilla cupcake recipe. I found this recipe for buttercream frosting and I think it worked out really well. Last night we tried baked honey sesame chicken (minus the sesame seeds) and really liked it. I also discovered that cornstarch is apparently the secret ingredient in Chinese food.

2. S's sweater continues to progress. As of this writing I have all of the body pieces done and I've started the first sleeve. So far so good!

3. Most of my exercise has been of the outdoor variety. This week I've taken S to the sledding hill twice, I've shoveled snow at least twice, and I dragged S on her sled UP the sledding hill. Which also makes me hungry, which is probably the reason my pants don't fit. *sigh*

Pic of the babe, aka gold medalist snowboarder, Olympics 2034

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