Thursday, February 6, 2014

NY resolution update

1. Revisited the beef and broccoli recipe. Loved it even more. Tonight we tried slow cooker teriyaki chicken. J didn't like the smell (lots of honey and soy sauce), but it was super yum. We even got fancy and put some in lettuce cups. Yum!

2. I finished Pisqu! Both are ginormous, so I'm either finding a big-footed friend or ripping them back to make them fit. In the meantime, I'm joining an Olympics themed knitting competition, and plan on finishing S's fair isle cardigan

3. I missed 2 days of exercise, but I'm blaming it on the sore throat and congestion I'm feeling lately. I did make it out to the park this week, and I shoveled snow at least twice. Plus S had me drag her on her sled through the backyard. Lots of work I tell ya!

And a picture of the babe to round out the post

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