Thursday, February 13, 2014

NY resolution update

1. I took a cupcake decorating class at Joann Fabrics over the weekend. We never have any cake mix in the house, so I cast about to find a scratch recipe that didn't require anything fancy. Enter Amy Sedaris's vanilla cupcakes. Super yum, funny instructions, and I totally want to make them again.

2. S's sweater is coming along great! So far I have the back and the left front done, and made a LOT of progress on the right front yesterday. I haven't had time to work on it today (freelancing calls), but tonight I might be able to squeeze some in.

3. My sore throat turned into a full-on cold this weekend, so exercise wasn't high on the list. But I'm feeling better now and have hit the treadmill again. I also found a 25-minute yoga sequence for hips that I want to try.

And a picture of the babe with her favorite man

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d said...

It's been really difficult to find cake mix at all here, so I had to learn to make it from scratch. Thanks for a new (to me) recipe! :)