Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zoo time!

I promised myself that S and I would explore more of Boston this summer. Instead we seem to have gone everywhere BUT Boston!

Today it was the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. Yep, we crossed state lines to visit the zoo. But it was worth it.

We probably should have mapped out a plan, but we totally winged it. First stop was the African area, which included crowned cranes. S thought they were the bomb.

After seeing zebras, giraffes, and elephants (including an elephant shower), we headed off to the tropics. We saw all of these flamingos taking a nap.

We got to see some other cool birds, including this very friendly penguin.

The Marco Polo section had some of the neatest animal collection, including this red panda! I'm amazed we got a picture, since this little guy/gal was on the move.

There was also a large play area, including lots, and lots, of water. S was soaked by the time she was done!
Speaking of water, I guess I should be happy S loves to wash her hands. She took advantage of the porta-sinks after visiting a mini farm within the zoo.
We're not sure where we're heading next, but we hope it's going to be as fun as today was!

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