Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grania visits!

Grania came to see our family this weekend. Our plan was to attend a Scottish festival in New Hampshire, but weather and work schedules led to Plan B.

On Saturday we decided to go to Cape Cod. It was my first time there, and S's too. We drove all the way to the Atlantic Ocean (and checked out some places for Nana and Tapa to visit next month)

Daddy carried S to the water's edge. She was saying, "I spy with my little eye something blue."

Daddy held the camera while S and I tiptoed into the water.

Then we headed over to Nauset Lighthouse. S was very disappointed that the door was locked.
She slept like a log the whole way home. Sea air will do that to you.
Sunday started off rainy, so we thought a visit to the Higgins Armory was in store. We had been there before without Grania, but it was her first time. She and S made shields
While J and I played chess. He won. Of course

S also enjoyed the horse

 Not bad for a Plan B, huh?

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