Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back from vacation

As has been our tradition the last couple of years, J goes to Pennsic (woot! They made Wikipedia!) and we head to CA to see my family. A good time was had by all. And these pictures are in no particular order.

Fishies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. A nice employee came by and asked S to help him find all the fish on his checklist. She was happy to oblige.

We had a good day for the beach. S didn't care that the water was cold. She was just happy to build sand castles with her cousins.

I visited the San Carlos Cathedral for the first time. Isn't it pretty? Mom and I went for a cool Bach Festival concert. S played with Tapa

This is the inside, complete with harpsichord (not usually included)

Dad was rewarded with beer ;)

We saw a lot of cool things on Nana and Tapa's porch. This day it was a family of deer across the street

S was fascinated by the sand eels at the aquarium

Our walk to the aquarium included the Ergo. 3 years old and still loving her pocket

The girls went out for drinks our last night there. My sister in law finally got to experience the Monterey Plaza Hotel. I think she enjoyed it

Sensing a theme with the drinks? Mom with her Tropical Itch at Hula's.

No kayaking for us this year, but the sight of them on the beach sure was pretty

Mom and I, gussied up for the Bach Festival. We clean up nice

S went to the MY Museum and loved the boat. It didn't hurt that it was at the bottom of the slide (her favorite)

See? She loved the cold California water

A curious otter checking us out at the aquarium

S checking out the fish display, and showing off her summer outfit, thanks to Nana and her aunt

Pancakes were a requirement almost every morning. Until she rediscovered oatmeal

How can you get a bad picture with scenery like this???


S was nice enough to pose at the wharf. We bribed her with taffy ;)
You know, taffy

She loved the wave tunnel at the aquarium
She wasn't so sure about the touch tank at first. But she warmed up to it

She loved posing in the wave tunnel, though she was always on the lookout for a new wave

She even got Tapa in on the act

We had a lovely evening at the wharf. We got a bonus when we got home. The Feast of Lanterns was ending that night, and they set off fireworks less than a half mile from my parents' place. We sat on the deck and watched the (amazing) show.
Two days later we watched whales breaching off the coast as we stood on the same deck. We also witnessed 2 weddings and a quincinera
It was a good vacation

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I love your hair - you look great! Miss you guys. xx